How to get a Tourist Visa to South Korea for Filipinos?

*** 2/27/2015 there are changes in the requirements for visa. Please check the  embassy website for updates.(read here)

Visa is required for Filipinos visiting South Korea except in Jeju Island, but you must fly directly to Jeju.

As far as I know there is no local carrier that flies directly to Jeju Island, better check the other international airline carriers for flight availability.

If you’re a Filipino below are the basic requirements for Tourist Visa:

1. Bank Certificate (no specific amount required)

2. ITR from last year (ask your HR or BIR)

3. Certificate of Employment (ask your HR)

4. Passport (ensure that it’s valid for at least 6 months)

5. Photocopy of your Passport’s first page (where your details our found)

6. 1 passport sized Photo (white or blue background)

7. Fully accomplished Form (don’t leave blanks fields, if not applicable put N/A)

For the location of the embassy please follow this LINK.

There are additional requirements for different situations, to get this information please visit the embassy’s website or simply call them (see embassy details at the bottom)

The processing of visa starts from 9:00 am to 11:00 am Monday to Friday. Please note that the gates are open as early as 8:00 am. We went straight to the gate and registered and given an ID pass by the guard. Approach the desk neer the entance door to get a number.

For first time travelers go straight to window 1 and wait until your number is called. I double checked the requirements then submitted it; they gave me a paper indicating when I can get my passport back. Please note this will not signify that you have been granted visa, the only time you’ll know is when you claim your passport on the date stated on the paper.

The visa processing will take 5 business days. Releasing of the passport is from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm only. We arrived at the embassy past 3:00 pm and we were very nervous as we walked and claimed our passports. As we slowly opened our passport ,our hearts were pounding so hard… then finally we were so happy that are visas were all approved!!!  aigoooo such a relief.

Now that’s done we can now move on in finalizing our trip. Getting a Korean Visa is quite easy as long as your requirements are complete.

Good Luck!!! Read More on my experience: SEOUL

Embassy of the Republic of Korea in the Philippines

122 Upper McKinley Road
McKinley Town Center
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City 1634

And their contact numbers:

Phone number: 02-856-9210
Fax number: 02-856-9024
Extension numbers:
260 – for passport
240 – for family registration and other related documents
220 – Visa 1
230 – Visa 2
302 – Visa 3 (Filipino)

7 thoughts on “How to get a Tourist Visa to South Korea for Filipinos?

  1. Wow. I will apply before the year ends or at the start of 2013 and hopefully I will be granted, too!:) Thanks for sharing!

      1. Wow. Envy! But I think it isn’t snowing yet though the temp sometimes go below 10 already. Enjoy~

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