How to Withdraw from your BPI ATM Abroad

Terminal 3

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I just arrived in Jakarta’s International airport at 12:00 am and I have an early flight to Yogyakarta (5:00 am) so I went directly at the ATM to withdraw, to my surprise I received an error message that the machine cant make the transaction. I thought it was just the ATM’s problem so I tried other machines but I got the same error. I started to panic, thankfully I have  $100 on my wallet for emergencies ( I never thought I would use it). I was sure that $100 is not enough for 4 days ( and some Taxi driver tried to con me outside the airport). Anyway I went directly to the domestic airport and tried to think of a game plan/spending plans, terminal 3 is still closed till 3 am so I waited at the waiting area and tried to sleep.

Once the terminal 3 was open I self checked in and went directly inside, again, I tried  other machines but I still got the same error. Maybe it was BPI error and it will work tomorrow,  that was I thought, to cut the story short I used the wifi of the hotel and tried  to google a solution, but everything I got was tweets/posts about the same issues, so I went to BPI’s web site and contacted their customer support (

Below is the message I got including some instructions.

Greetings from BPI Express Online!                                                                                                                  

We received your e-mail regarding international ATM withdrawal with your BPI ATM. Please be advised that you may use your ATM card in Cirrus        
terminals. Nonetheless, please be advised that due to a change in product features, the international access for BPI ATM cards is deactivated. With  
this regard, if you will use your BPI Express Teller ATM card abroad, you need to activate your international ATM withdrawal. However, we regret to  
inform you that we cannot activate it through email for your security. May we request you to call our 24-hour hotline so our Phonebankers can assist 
Just dial:                                                                                                                                          
• 89-100 for Metro Manila                                                                                                                            
• 1-800-188-89100 for domestic toll-free calls (where available)                                                                                    
• International Access Code + 63 + 2 + 89-10000 for international calls.                                                                            
Applicable fees or charges imposed by the service provider are for the caller's account.                                                        
You may also check this link for the list of tollfree numbers which may be applicable in your current location:                                                                                              
Once you are connected, please dial 0 for “Other Products and Services”, then 0 “To talk to a Phonebanker”, and finally 1, ” For Express Teller”.    
Your call will be transferred to a Phonebanker who shall assist you once positive identification has been conducted.                                
If you need further assistance or have other concerns, please do not hesitate to send us another e-mail.                                            
Thank you for choosing to bank with us online!   

So I was happy that I got a reply ASAP. It was my 2nd day in Jakarta and funds are running low ( I paid the hotel). I  asked the hotel to use their phone , they asked if its domestic since its expensive to call abroad or Jakarta. I explained that its toll free but I think they didn’t know how Toll Free works.  I was a little tired so i didn’t insist, I decided to buy a prepaid local sim card the next day to make the phone call. thankfully the sim card is cheap , so I made the phone call and followed the instructions. the rep. was very helpful and he activated my ATM card to make withdrawal abroad,

here are some reminders:

1.You must  activate your card before exiting the country for your convenience.

2. They will ask you the country and how long it will be activated.

That was really frustrating as a BPI card holder I never knew of this restriction, I didn’t have this issues with my other cards. If you cannot contact them by phone you may email them and give them your contact numbers of your current location (probably the phone of your hotel). see below E-mail I got:

Greetings from BPI Express Online!

We received your e-mail regarding the activation of your ATM card for
international withdrawal. If you are still unable to call or if you have
not been assisted yet, may we request you to provide us your preferred
contact numbers (international landline/mobile number) including the
appropriate area codes, your preferred days and time frame for us to call
(e.g. Mondays, 1pm-3pm) so one of our Phonebankers can call you regarding
your concern.

Please take note of the following reminders:

1. This service is available Mondays – Fridays, from 8am to 5pm. Please
indicate the best time for us to call you within these hours (Manila time).
2. The number that will appear on your caller ID / mobile number will be
one of our outbound trunk lines (not our vanity number 89100).
3. Please be sure to indicate the applicable country/area codes.

Kindly also send your reply using your registered email address in BPI
Express Online.

We will wait for your response.

If you need further assistance or have other concerns, please do not
hesitate to send us another e-mail.

Hope this post will help and avoid inconveniences. I am thankful for WIFI (even provincial areas have hotspots and a must for establishments) and Google.

Update!!! Please Check New Website :

84 thoughts on “How to Withdraw from your BPI ATM Abroad

  1. Thank you for sharing your exprience. At least for me who hasn’t tried using my BPI ATM in Indonesia yet what you have shared will help me avoid unecessary inconveniences like that which you have narrated.

      1. Hello I had the same issue so when I googled for a solution it brought me to your website. I have activated my International Access Card, and it worked in the first 2 months. I tried it today but I keep getting an error message: try a lesser amount or exceeded daily amount.

        Question: is there an expiration date on the international access? if yes how long?

        thank you in advance

      2. Hi Randy, when you activate your ATM they will usually ask your length of stay or how long it will be activated. So the expiration will depend on your answer, try calling the hotline to check and reactivate your atm. thanks

    1. Oh my, thank you so much for sharing your experience and also providing a complete information on what to do. I’m currently in Dubai for a vacation and tried withdrawing from a Dubai Bank with my BPI Card. At first, I thought the ATM had a problem but tried it with 2 other banks and had the same problem. Good thing I had extra dollars for me to have it exchanged.

      Used my BDO and Metrobank cards during my previous travels and didn’t experienced this. I know it is a good security for my account just hope I knew about it sooner.

      Thank you once again and hope I’ll have a smooth transaction after calling the bank

  2. I’m having the same problem now. I’m here in kuwait and I deposited all my savings to this bank. Now I need some cash urgent and I make a cash withdrawal already but encounter the same problem. Now I know what to do. Thanks this is a big help.

      1. I need to withdraw my money now here in Hong Kong for very important matter. But I can withdraw here in HK PBI. So I need Ur help . I need the money now thank u

      1. I am in Singapore right now, and been trying DBS ATM machine to withrdaw cash from my BPI ATM card… But it says there that there was no reply from the bank… Is it really possible to get cash from my savings thru ATM machines (which accepts citrus cards) here?

  3. Hi! I have a question, I live here in the US now and I’m planning to continue teaching online and have all my salary from the Phils to be forwarded to my BPI account. So will it still be active if I won’t be able to withdraw for one year or so? Things is my salary there won’t be useful here, i’ll just do it cause I love teaching. How do you think it works? Thank you

  4. Wow. Thank you for this…I was worried something was wrong with my card or account because I couldn’t check the balance from here in Qatar. I guess the bank is trying to make things more secure for us with these new measures but I wish I’d known about it earlier! Oh well.

    1. yup the security feature is really great 🙂 most of my friends are BPI card holders so im always reminding them to activate it before going abroad XD

  5. This is really helpful! Thank you. I will try my luck and hopefully I get a competent “banker” that can assist me with this whole dilemma.
    BTW, yes, I am all for the great security features. On the other hand, I think BPI system sucks, it’s stupid and has some incompetent bank tellers. Before I left the Philippines, I went to my home branch and made sure I can access my money abroad. I was told i should not have any issues withdrawing money out from my account. And here I go, hopping from one bank to another with the hopes high each time. But nah! No Luck. Transaction CANCELLED! This system should be enhanced… if there is a need to activate before leaving the country, then so be it. But don’t tell me i should not have any issues when in fact, it was all BS!

    1. I understand the frustration, just imagine being in a foreign land without cash :(… You should complain the bank employee who provided wrong/incomplete info.

  6. Hi. thank you for this. do you have any idea how long the activation process takes? can i activate it on the same day i applied for it too?

  7. I didn’t know that it has to be activated so right now I am having problems contacting BPI from France. I have been on hold for minutes and never got the chance to talk to an agent so I just left a message. Until now no one has returned my call. I also tried calling their international toll free number but it’s not reachable as well. This is really frustrating!

  8. Thank you for this!!! Lifesaver!!! I’m in Macau now and I had the same problem. I just called BPI and it’s all good now. Yaaaay!! Thank you again! 👍

  9. Hi, would like to ask what currency should i enter when withdrawing a money in other country? for example if i travel in singapore? should i enter the Php amount of the SG dollar amount? Thanks…

  10. Hi, Thanks for sharing this, i just activated my BPI ATM international for withdrawals abroad (SG and KL) after reading this and at this very moment of my writing. will be leaving tomorrow. =)

  11. hi! i just got my BPI ATM with international access recently.when i came back to Saudi Arabia i tried to check if it’s already working.i deposited 4,000pesos,but when i did balance inquiry the amount was only 219.95saudi riyals which means 3,500pesos something only?is there any charges when you do balance inquiry or if you withdraw money?

  12. Hi,
    I am Hongkong right now and was glad to have found your this. Your blog have been very useful especially the link youve provide for the toll free numbers. I tried using +63+2+89+1000 international toll free but unfortunately my sim is not working. Im so thankful for the link youve provided using the current location toll free access, I got to talk to a bpi representative. Just dial 800-932-634 and you will be connected.
    The bpi rep told me that my account is already activated and just withdraw using atm machine that has a CIRRUS logo. I did not check the machine I use awhile ago if it has CIRRUS, will try this tomorrow and hopefully I can make the withdrawal this time.

  13. Good day Sir, will BPI charge me for international activation? and when i go back home to the phils., is it okay to leave it activated? will there be any additional monthly charges for staying activated for international use?

  14. You’re an angel. 🙂 We have encountered the same issue here in Thailand but because of this post, all is well now. We just have to wait an hour after activation. Thank you. God bless!

  15. hi im here in dubai.i have bpi express teller international but i didnt activate for withdrawal international also for online banking and phone banking before going here. I deposited in my atm and i want to check if the amount has been credited. Can you give me advise.

  16. It used to be activated by default before. But two years ago there have been a lot of scammers that copy the card number and make the fraudulent withdrawals abroad. That’s why they have it deactivated now by default.

  17. I should have read this earlier! I’m on the verge of banging my head against the wall and make it bleed! I never had an issue before maybe it was years ago and I was able to withdraw using my BPI atm from Bangkok. Thank you for this! This should serve as a lesson for me. Unfortunately, today is sunday and trapped inside the hotel room haha T-T! Thank god for wifi! Sorry for the rant btw.

  18. Good day sir,I am here in Qatar.Last 25 of February 2015 I tried to login with my account to Bpi online banking.Unfortunately I was attempt 3x with wrong password or I did not know if I login in incomplete email address?Then after I received message that my current password was already blocked and need to reset it.So I follow the direction how to reset with new password.I filled up the form from bpiexpressonline and I sent it and after a while I received reset confirmation but need to call to bpi hotline for verification.I tried to call the bpi toll free using the access code here followed +63+2+8910000 but the operator always says that the person that your dial is currently not available.My question is there is another way how I reset my online banking password since I am here in Qatar sir?thank you very much.

  19. Hi, im currently here at dubai and yesterday i received my bpi expess teller and now i want to change my pin for me to activate it. What atm machine will i going to use? Thanks for the help.

  20. Hi just wanna ask regarding of what i read you can try it cirrus. Do i still need to activate if there is already a cirrus here?

  21. I am in Hong Kong now and I want to call bpi costumer hotline to activate my bpi atm…but the problem is every time i try to call costumer hotline, I can’t connect. it’s always busy

      1. im here in dubai? my card is bpi international ,how can i inquire my balance thru online? thnx

  22. Hi! My bpi atm card is already activated for international use. Im in Thailand right now and was able to withdraw money using my bpi atm card. I will be in Kuala Lumpur on wednesday, Im just wondering if I still have to request for activation of the card for me to able to withdraw money in KL. Thanks!

    1. hi Ja! may i know what bank in Thailand allowed you to to withdraw money? I’m in Thailand and I seemed to have difficulty withdrawing money in spite of the international activation. Thank You!


  23. Hi Im in Saudi now, i want to activate may bpi card for as long as 2years in here, to be able to make sure that all my money goes to my account., and i can check it thru Balance inquiry, do its has a charge for activating for 2years time ?
    Thanks a lot 🙂

  24. hi! im here in singapore and same as you i dont know that i need to activate the atm first. i cant widraw

  25. hi im here in ksa. .i have opened an acc0unt august 2015 in phils.and i have it apply for 0nline banking bef0re i left. I was able t0 view my curent balance but when i tried t0 dep0sit m0ney it d0esnt appeared that the m0ney was’s been 4days n0w and stil same am0unt was in my acc0unt. Does it takes time t0 update my current balance 0nline?

  26. Hi! I just spoke with one of the bpi rep for my card activation here in US. First, they asked me a lot of questions including my account number and the balance on my account. I am worried that it’s fraud or something. I don’t know if its normal for them to ask those stuff. Did they ask you also regarding those things?

    1. Yest they asked those question to ensure that they are talking to the account owner…I think its is safe as long as you dont give your pin codes and you called the official BPI number.

  27. Hi anyone knows how to check the Balance of my BPI account? Im in US but cant withdraw the amount i needed to. It always shows insufficient fund though im sure i have the enough amount to withdraw the money+ charge fee. I didnt enroll for online account before i left so is there any other way to check it? Thank u

  28. tagal nmn mag reply ng BPI sa email..kanina umaga pa ako ang email..hapon na wla pa rin reply..tawag nmn ko sa number napuputol nmn..

  29. Hi guys!!!! I’m so screwed…. I need an urgent cash at the moment I’m here in Abu Dhabi UAE, THE PROBLEM is I forget my Pin… IS THERE ANY CHANCES that I can change my Pin even if I’m here abroad…? Pls reply… I really need an urgent answer, the toll free number is not answering. I thought it’s 24 hrs…

  30. Badtrip!di ko po Yong Online ko. 7days Doon Lang Sana ako mag balance inquire tapos after 9months na pag hulog di ko na makita.. from KSA.tumawag ako sa branch Kung saan ako nag open account..di reffer ako sa number nito.. +632 89 10000 naubos nalang load ko..dahil sa busy daw .

  31. Badtrip!di ko po Yong Online ko. 7days na Doon Lang Sana ako mag balance inquire tapos after 9months na pag hulog di ko na makita.. from KSA.tumawag ako sa branch Kung saan ako nag open account..di reffer ako sa number nito.. +632 89 10000 naubos nalang load ko..dahil sa busy daw . Makita ko Lang Kung andoon pa Ang Pera di Bali ng di ko mawithdraw dito sa pinas ko na e withdraw.

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