DIY: Indochina Tour

IndochinaFor the first time I’m travelling for more than 5 days, 10 days to be exact. I recently quit my job thus I have more time but unfortunately less cash.

China?  When I tell people on my plans to travel Indochina,  they thought I was going to China. It’s understandable since we are not used to calling that part of Asia “Indochina”. Indochina is mainland South East Asia,  territories include Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Peninsular  Malaysia. Since these countries can be navigated by land it’s the most popular route  for western back packers.  Hopefully they’ll add Philippines to their travels in the future. For our itinerary , we chose to start our trip in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam then to Cambodia and finally end it in amazing Thailand.

  • Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – one of my favorite city, it’s a walk-able city with plenty of trees to shield you from the sun. The people are very kind and helpful.  It’s always a challenge to cross the street in Vietnam (man vs motorcycles).
  • Phnom Penh, Cambodia– chaos is the word I choose , I was a little shocked when I arrived at the city. It may look dangerous but fortunately we didn’t experience anything bad. The highlight of the trip is going to the Killing Fields, it was very emotional tour.
  • Seam Reap, Cambodia– I grew up watching National Geographic so I was excited to visit Angkor Watt, the structure is incredible I can’t  believe I was touching it.
  • Bankok, Thailand– Elephants, that’s the first thing on my mind when you say Thailand. Our time in Bangkok was full of misadventures but I guess that made it more memorable. The food was amazing, I love spicy food.

Just Like my Previous post  I’ll be making separate post for this trip, below are the working titles links


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